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Starlight Technologies is a group of Professional IT Consultants specializing in services for small business. We offer web site design and hosting for all your online needs. If you are in need of a custom built system for your home or business, Starlight Technologies will work with you to get exactly what you want and need with the most power for the best price. We also offer professional photography to help make you and your business look the best!

How can Starlight Technologies serve you? Contact us today (574-273-9107) and we can help! 

trusted-photographer-300x169Starlight Technologies is proud to offer local area business a chance to have a 360-degree virtual tour of their business on Google Street View.

How can this help your business?

  1. Enhance your business listing. Images appear on Google Search results, Google+ Local and Google Maps.
  2. Engage with customers who can now explore, walk-through, and truly experience your business
  3. Street View is a perfect addition to all businesses; including restaurants, retail shops, gyms, salons and more!
  4. Seasonal shoots are a great way to keep your business up-to-date and show your customers what’s new

CELee celee-search

Visit our photography site,  for more information!

Starlight Technologies has the expertise, knowledge and drive to
market your company at a level above the rest.

Starlight Technologies serves the entire country from its headquarters in South Bend, Indiana. From the West Coast to the East Coast, we offer you the best in Web Sites, Computer Systems and IT support.

Does your business have the need and desire to grow bigger? Do you need to update and integrate into the 21st century? Would you like to a stronger presence or even a new presence on the web? Are your advertisements lacking in the visual kick? Starlight Technologies can help you solve these problems and so many more! We can help you integrate a new, more powerful and fully featured computer system to help you make the most out of every part of your business. Don’t just sit there and let your business fall behind! Call today and put your business in top gear!

We also provide individual professionals with complete IT service. If your computer is broken, having issues with virus infections or internet connectivity, Starlight Technologies can help. We also offer programming services, specializing in Filemaker Pro, PHP,  and Visual Basic. We provide everything from simple patches and scripts to entire custom programs.

Starlight Technologies doesn’t just help those who have businesses, but also those with personal computers that are anxious to get the most from their computer. We customize and tailor your computer for optimal speed and power. If you are ready to upgrade to a computer that does exactly what you need… then let us build the computer you have always wanted but will never find in a mass market store. Starlight offers portables, desktops and servers from Lenovo and Shuttle as well as Starlight models designed from scratch to serve your special needs.

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